Mission and Vision


To provide landowners and foresters access to a third-party certified standard for high quality forest stewardship and to seek a solid economic return for the products harvested from certified sustainably managed forests.  To support a healthy forest products industry which we believe is essential to accomplishing forest conservation.



We pursue this work with a positive vision of the future. We envision forests being well managed by foresters, landowners, and loggers. We envision these wood suppliers and wood supply ‘mobilizers’ selling wood into a marketplace that recognizes and rewards stewardship. We envision creating and strengthening relationships and collaboration among all members of the forest products supply chain.  We envision our efforts protecting forests and strengthening professional forestry and the forest products economy in an era of fierce global competition.


What TFP Values

  • Sustainable forest management
  • Local and/or transparent sourcing
  • Keeping productive forest land as forest
  • Building a strong network of businesses growing, harvesting, and using wood in crafting and manufacturing