For Wood Product Makers

For the forest products industry, The Forest Partnership will offer a steady supply of certified  and/or local material and a marketing story that accurately captures the people and places responsible for producing that certified material. This supply of raw material will be delivered in whatever physical form is desired (e.g. log, lumber, paper) and partnerships with other supply chain participants will be developed to facilitate order fulfillment.  For example, if a furniture maker is the customer, The Forest Partnership may work with landowners, loggers, sawmill, and lumber brokers. If, on the other hand, a biomass processor (electric generation or pellet production) is the customer, The Forest Partnership will work with landowners, loggers, and chipping contractors, to provide the biomass material needed by the customer. It will be our goal to focus on areas in which we have the most expertise and to strategically partner with other supply chain participants in areas where they have existing strength. 

Check out an example of how this works by reading about the Copeland Furniture Case-Study.


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