For Foresters

For forester, The Forest Partnership will offer 1) access to FSC certification at a reasonable rate (something they can in turn offer their landowner clients); 2) better pricing through aggregation of supply; 3) access to templates, protocols, contracts, and first-hand knowledge regarding forest certification; 4) access to the harvest forecasting database and contact manager; and 5) a collegial forum in which to share ideas and learn from one another. Foresters participating in TFP pay an annual fee, a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone FSC certificate.


The harvest forecasting database and contact manager is a system that’s been developed to allow foresters to list their scheduled harvests on a per property basis and to include contact information to allow for easy mailing. The database can be queried centrally; once populated this will allow The Forest Partnership to predict the availability of material over a given timeframe, within a given geographic area, or under the management of a particular forester or group of foresters thus allowing for more efficient management of the harvesting occurring and the products being produced.  This will enable a stronger cut-for-use program.


Any questions regarding membership? Contact us and we’d be happy to help.